• Kayaking & SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) Section 

This relatively new and growing section is run by volunteer's who meet on the first Wednesday of every month @ 17:30 to 19:00 in the Kilimanjaro Bar to discuss anything relevant to the section.

Joining a sub-commitee meetings is an excellent way to share new ideas, meet fellow paddlers and integrate into the paddling comunity. It will also a really easy way to find the section head, when you are needing a 'sign off' signature.

Within the section we generally get two types of members, namely: the leisure paddler and the sporting paddler We try to cater for both types of paddlers through the following activities that all start from the Kayak Rental Area:

  • Tuesday Night Time Trial's @17h00. These run throughout the year and are an excellent way to build up your paddling skills. The objective is to get the paddling faternity on the water, developing competence in all conditions while working towards beating personal best times.  The route is set up as a lap course. A full time trial consists of 4 laps which is approximately 10km. The ability to do a full time trial is suggested before you attempt an island trip and is required for 'race events'. Beginners to advanced kayakers are very welcome, and kayaks are available for rent.
    • At present there is no official 'start' so you simply meet at the Kayak Section and paddle out.
    • The route is as follows: warm up as you head to the start which is at the Ndlovu buoy. From Ndlovu head to the tip of the peninsula where you will find the North Beach Buoy. Go anticlockwise around the North Beach buoy - you will now be heading back to the boats - ride the waves to either Club Inner or Club Outter Buoy (depending on the runs and/or your confidence), go anticlockwise round the buoy (if you went to Club Outer you now head to Club Inner) before heading back to complete the lap at Ndlovu. After the 4th lap you get to cool down as you head back to the club. 
  • Monthly Family Paddle and Pizza Evenings @ 17h00. Check the paddle calendar for relevant dates. These generally happen once a month, on a Tuesday or Thursday night (depending on the event co-ordinator), from the Kayak Section. This event is targetted at beginners, families and children. The idea is to give mom's (or dad's) a night off! Join fellow paddlers for some exercise, and loads of fun on the water, as the sun sets. Althought the activity is free of charge the Pizza is not. 
  • Kayaking Safety Sessions happen on the frist and third Saturday of the month @ 14h30. This activity is a wonderful practical opportunity for anyone interested in kayaking to test their skills and learn how to stay safe on the water. This is a compulsory activity for new members that are relying purely on the Kayak & SUP section for entry to the club. Please be prepared to get wet and dress appropriately.
  • Monthly SUP morning on the first Saturday of the month @ 09h30. This activity is targetted at anyone wanting to try this sprot out and/or those wanting to learn more about the sport. 
  • Quartely Safety Video on ABC of Ocean Surfskiing @ 17h30. See kayak calendar for relavant dates - generally held one week before ballots close. Although this activity is targetted at new members looking for a safety or activity sign off. It is also relevant for anyone looking to develop their ocean paddling competnce. The video covers a variety of ocean surfskiing skills so is suited to both the beginner and more skilled paddlers wanting to ride waves. 
  • Annual Fun Day. This popular family event  happens annually, this year the event will be held on the 17th of February (2018). The objective of this event is to bring families down to the beach for a fun day of kayaking with a little friendly competition. Activities are generally in relax style to maximise on teh family experience. To find out more about this event you can contact dyckayakevents@gmail.com
  • Annual Stanbic Zanzibar Adventure paddle. This epic adventure began in 2015, this years event will take place on the 30th of June 2018. To participate in this event you will need to qualifiy - qualifiers generally start from the end of April beginning of May. Please see the Event link for more details or contact the kayak secretary for more information. To find out more
  • In addition to the above the section also holds kids treasure hunts on kayaks and Christmas kayak caroling around the yachts on the moorings.  Members should keep a watch for further advertising of thes

Events cannot be organized without the help of our members and any member who has ideas for kayak events are warmly welcome to the monthly meeting or to contact the Kayak Secretary direct.

Storage racks are available for both kayaks and SUP's (maximum height of 3.8 meters). These need to be DYC registered with the registration number clearly visible. Registration can be done through the DYC Office, and rack allocations with the Rack Officer.